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The International weekend

Thanks to Pilsen Region we were able to organize the Chess International Tournament between young chess players from Pilsen Region and Germany (or other countries) at the weekend 10th – 12th December 2021. The tournament was accompanied with a rich programme.

You can watch the lectures in English (one for beginners and one for advanced players) by the FIDE master Jiří Soukup on the following links whenever you want – part 1 and part 2.


  • An online lecture in Czech by the grandmaster Robert Cvek: Jak se stát velmistrem a co pro to (u)dělat. The lecture can be watched here.
  • An online simul for kids with a Czech grandmaster Petr Neuman. Three of you have half a point, congratulations to Michal Macho (TJ Sokol Plzeň-Letná), Matyáš Roubal (ŠK Sokol Klatovy) and Sebastian Vollmer (SC Höchstadt). The results are here.


  • The tournament for beginners was played in Plzeň-Letná. Two players from the Ukraine played there (Zlata Pronina and Viktoriia Strazhnyk) and two Czech players born in the Ukraine and Russia (Makar Honcharov and Stepan Sinelnikov).
  • The second online simul for children played Pavel Novak who lives in Regensburg, Germany, a very strong player. He won every single game. The results are here.
  • The main program was planned for Saturday afternoon when the online rapid tournament was played. There were 35 players on the starting list, 27 from Pilsen Region and 8 from Germany. Matyáš Roubal won the tournament, Martin Bukvaj (both from ŠK Sokol Klatovy) took the second place and the third place was taken by Michaela Marešová representing ŠK 64 Plzeň. Eliška Janoušková (ŠK Líně), Matěj Křivka (TJ Sokol Plzeň-Letná) and Adam Rudlof (Sokol Domažlice) – this is the standing of the younger category (2011 and younger). The complete results are attached below, the games and the results are available here.


  • The grandmaster Martin Petr, the chief of the Chess Association of the Czech Republic, had an online lecture in English on Sunday afternoon. The topic was very present – The World Chess Championship 2022 (The Match between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi). The video can be watched on the following link.
  • The last online lecture and IM Zuzana Hagarová. She lectured about chess history, namely about the „never-ending“ match between Kasparov and Karpov, the World Chess Championship 1984/1985. The video can be watched on the following link.

In conclusion: Thank you very much for watching and for playing. I hope the project was useful for you, Czech and German kids and you enjoyed it.